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[29 Jan 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]

WednesdayWent over to kasey's for good times! Chrissy was there...omg looking good girl!!! -laughs- Well Chrissy, Kase and I went to their youth group. Awesome music I tell you. Good talk about expectation in relationships, got me thinking how some of my relationships need to be altered, and how I need to change somethings. Chrissy and kase tried to leave me afterwards, after a talk on "loving" they lock the door and back out of the parking lot...HELLO! Something wrong there sdsoajp -laughs- back at Kasey's pad we baled cookies and I spent the night. Alarm went off at 5 "thought I was dreaming" and then again at 6....off to school......
Exchange day at school, yes folks Crespi and Louisville unite -sarcastically- what joy. What I want to know is how thinks of the stupid "classes" we have to take, uh? And who hired the broing/annoying guest speaker? Anyway other then that is was ok, way better then having actual school. Afterwards fun times at Baja Fresh!!!

When is my paid account going to end?

Linkin Park rocks
There were just too many times people have tried to look inside of me
Wondering what I think of you and I protect you out of courtesy
Too many times that I've held on when I needed to push away
Afraid to say what was on my mind
Afraid to say what I need to say
Too many things that you say about me when I’m not around
You think having the upper hand means you gotta keep putting me down
But i've had too many stand-offs with you, its about as much as I can stand
So I’ll wait until the upper hand is mine

-Hit the floor//Lp

3 Feel so small - Without my wings.

[27 Jan 2004|02:46pm]
[ mood | content ]

The four day weekend ended and it was back to school today :'(. I'm In computer Graphics II right now, free time at the moment, what a waste oh well Im stuck here.
Anyway my weekend looked like:
Firday: No School! Movie night! Saw The butterfly effect with Kasey, Joyce, Mike and his friend Kyle. Awesome movie! I really enjoyed it. They could of taken out some parts, you know like those that had blood because for the those of you who know me Blood and I should not be together. It was funt though. Go see the Movie. Ashton rocks
Saturday: Church from 4-6.
Kasey's house afterwards. It was farah, joyce, justin, kasey and I. Oh snap! Trip to uncle eernie's pizza for FOOD! Crazy guy at Circle K, ok I think it was on something. Cruzing into Joyce's car, love you Joyce but you cant park babe lol. It's all good though. Watching Bruce Almighty, well more luaghing at each other then watching. kasey and I prank called people on Justin's phone "Ello Hommie we make you a cpy of dis tape fo sho" -laughs- Well Kasey knows....and then Joycee drove me home woot woo!
SundayNothing, nothing at all. relaxed all day
MondayMall to get the phone, but they dont have mine till tonight. So I get to pick up my kick ass phone after 6, if you need me before then dont bother trying my cell it shut off. Steve's Low Carb Cafe, oh snap...Pizza on a low carb tortilla rocks socks babby! Picked up Farah, hung out at my place...went to hell..I mean work -coughs-. Worked with Carly at the younger kids table, joined in a discussion about Hillary Duff, saw a kid who was "smart" like me (Kasey you need to hear this so you will stop laughing) He write 06 and 05 instead of 60 and 50..rock on! See Kasey, I am normal.
Today Found out I lost my A- in Bio honors and now have a B+, damn it! Got a B on my Algerbra II final. One point away from an A in History, because of that damn final. Finals are pointless. And now I'm stuck in Comp Graphics for 5 more minutes. No fun.
Tomorrow:School, Choir
Thrusday:Exchange day with Crespi...-sarcastic- I'm so excited. Then work damn it
Friday:School. get nails done and eyebrows done. Maybe see "You got served" so I can see my babe
Saturday! Winter Formal I was super excited before, not I'm not at this moment, but hey it could be because I'm not feeling well right now. But I am happy we got them to let us have a table of 6 couples so we dont have to spilt up. Other then that...

Peace OUT! School is over, no homework due till Friday.

Without my wings.

[26 Jan 2004|08:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

T-mobile is my new home. Same number folks
I have to pick my phone up after 6 tomorrow because they ran out and the shipment comes in tomorrow. It's a motorola V300 camera phone. Check out my new baby:

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[22 Jan 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Does anyone else think its totally cute that Sophia and Chad are dating? Ok As much as I love CMM I support the whole him and sophia thing, cute couple in my box. Thought I'd share.

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[20 Jan 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Ok. So I just found out some bad news/ possible good news/ news that might not go over to well. Where to start? Well you see I'm not going to Linkin Park Feb 6, rather I'm going to Linkin Park Feb 16. Which is in San Jose, 4 hours away. Which means stay in hotel come home next morning. The next day my bro, farah and myselg all have school. I have a free day but would both of them be able to miss school? Possible great news: As far as my mom knows it's a meet and greet. Meet & Greet HELLO! If it is I will be so amazingly happy. Mike Shinoda here I come!!

I have a new journal for when my paid account ends, but Im not telling what it is until the time comes. Only two people know and neither of them better tell.

Finals week cracks me up. I'm sorry but I find it funny to watch everyone freak out "omg omg omg omg" like they've been absent all year. I try not to freak out, because one if I'm too busy saying "omg" I'll forget what i really should be thinking, also freaking out leads to craming your brain which leads to forgetting. So it's better to be calm and laugh.

The puppies names are Titan and Porcia (although I would of never spelt it that way but that's my grandpa for you).

Kasey's mom rocks! Ok so I'm on the phone with Kasey and she says something about me being her slave, so i call her a whore. And her mom comes up to the phone and says "SLUT" right to me and then start laughing. And I told Kasey to tell her mom something and her mom goes "She doesnt have to I can hear you sluts talk loud" -laughs- you had to have heard her say it or know her to think it's funny i guess, I sure thought it was.

ONE TREE HILL=tonight!! Yay Chad

I have nothing else to say so good-bye

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[19 Jan 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

The Jason Mraz CD kicks ass!
I finally found the Q Mag.
The guy who works at Tower is funny

Me: Ya'll wouldnt happen to have the Jc Chasez single for some girls dance with women would you?
Him: -typing in computer "some girls"- Some girl dance, ok I dont think that is it -laugh- No we dont
Me- Bummer
Him: -Something to his co-worker over hwo was getting off work first- See it girls who ruins guys lives, you know this right?
Me: -nods-
Him: -to co-worker- See she knows
Co-worker: Im sure you do
Me: -laughs and walks out with my new Jason cd-

I guess it's a you have to have been there things.

I'm offically not supporting the strike anymore, sorry Sakura but 100 days is enough. I went to Albertsons today.

Finals tomorrow, shot me now and hide the gun.

Ashton's movie comes out Friday cant wait!

Without my wings.

[19 Jan 2004|11:02am]
Look, I'm studying for finals. Really I am. Ok, so I'm not really, I never really have to tell you the truth. My grandma thinks I'm studying. Oh well that's here problem.

So I wont be cursed for WF

The atkins diet seems to be working. The atkins thing at subway is good. I can do this.

Finals suck like a cheap whore psh!

Who wants to do something Friday?
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[18 Jan 2004|10:35pm]
Hi. Ok so the great plus about having your own money is being able to spend it. I went to mac this morning and bought 62 dollars worth of makeup: 2 eye shadows, shimmer powder and an eyeliner. -smiles- I love having my own money.

My kittens; batman and germlin are sick. They have been in the cat hospital for a couple of days. I cried when I went to see them yesterday, it was so sad. All batman did was cry, and I've never even heard him meow at home. The doctor called today and said thay have a good chance of living, they are doing well, especially germlin. I sure hope he is right.

Since no one called to claim the puppies and its been almost a week. It looks like I know own the two cutest puppies ever. Only now they need named. Two names that go together. Ones a boy and ones a girl. They are so cute. The little girl sat in my lap and just felt asleep today. Omg I love my puppies. Any ideas?

Kasey came over today. We went dress shopping, for her. She bought a dress. Omg kasey I hate you, you are gorgeous. The dress is awesome. We walked around the mall then came to my house, modeled our dresses and then studied for History.

Tomorrow: Clean house, study for bio and english, and religion. Maybe go driving. And sadly go to work :'(

I'm bored! -dances-
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[13 Jan 2004|05:49pm]
I love French guys who play classical guitar and can't speak much enlgish name Thebault (sp). So hot. Yes so yoday's assembly was good real good. And Jan 20 should be good -smiles-
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[12 Jan 2004|09:40pm]
Just testing things out?

Argh!Collapse )
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[12 Jan 2004|09:01pm]
Went shopping with Joyce today. Got a WinterFormal Dress. Omg! It's going to be so hawt. -smiles- And for once I'm actually going from "Why the hell am I going?" to "Im so looking forward to it" Not if only I can figure out what to do with my hair and makeup

I couldnt find a picture of my dress online yet but it's so cute. and I got a good necklace so I'm happy
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[11 Jan 2004|05:26pm]
Dinner last night at Sakura's.Sakura and I went to the store before dinner. Now that was fun/funny. “Stay basket Stay”. Making Head turn. And Sakura is a stalker of “if you gotta fro” –laughs- Sakura knows what I mean So much fun. Pia, Joyce, Sakura and I know how to party Priate style. We had dinner: Chicken, Salad, Rolls, "Black Pearl". And we watched Priates and Laughed and Luaghed and Just had a good time. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for having us over Sakura. I <3 you guys
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[10 Jan 2004|10:43pm]
Bowling Today. -smiles- It was fun. Let's see it was Joyce and I against Danny and J or should I say. Joce and Machel vs Jut Dan and Dan jus. -laughs- The boys won, not by much though. Then we played Video games, then ate, then hung out in the parking lot. -laughs- Good Times, Good times. I wont go into details.
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[08 Jan 2004|07:58pm]
Class next fri? mmmm sounds fun

Mr. Atkins became my friend, I got on the program but let me tell you this, it sucks. Chocolate smells good but NO! No Bread. No, nothing.
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[31 Dec 2003|06:21pm]
Tonight: Going to play pool and have fish & chips, I'm in Pismo Beach right now, 3 hours from home, I miss everyone

Again, Happy New Year

Resolutions: I've seen everyone posting them, but I dont think Im going to put mine up. I mean why get my hopes or yours hopes up? -laughs- Dont worry I have them, hopefully I can do them this year -le sigh-
Without my wings.

[31 Dec 2003|06:08pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Happy New Year, Mate
It's six hours till midnight in the US so I've decided I'm going to celebrate the Aussie New Year. So Happy New Year Mate!! Vicki and I have decided we are going to have a wild party, so if you are bored come to it, we will ring in the new year right and wild

I want to come home now
Without my wings.

[30 Dec 2003|01:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Vicki, where are you? Remind me I need to tell you something it involves my icon...yes yes...Ok well remind me so I dont forget much love

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[27 Dec 2003|04:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ok Ok Ok so I really should update. It's been a while. Christmas was better then I thought it would be. So my mom was suspose to pick me and my bro up from my dad's at 830 but she showed up at like 930, figures Lonnie wasnt ready. Then on the way to my grandma's the wind was blowing the car around like crazy!! But its ok because My mom, My bro and I were singing Linkin Park and GC on the top of our lungs just rock-in it on the way there. Got to Grandma's, showered and opened gifts. My scraf came! Omg its awesome, the one from Hollister. I got: Finding Nemo, Justin Timberlake:the videos, Abercrombie gift card, Starbucks gift card, 100 dollars (50 from my mom, 50 from her bf), Jt Calender, a new purse, a braclet that says my name: it;s so pretty, a picture frame (from my dad) and some gift cards. Then we went over to Terry and James's (My grandpa's sister) which I wasnt too happy about to beginning with because we always have christmas at grandma's except this year. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I got: a nice sweater from the gap, a tower gift card and lip gloss. I saw Seabiscuit...OMG incredible movie, I looved it! I bought it today in fact...it's so good!!! You should see it if you haven't. Yesterday we got ready and came out to Pismo Beach. We are camping here for a week. My brother didnt come this time, he's at my dad's dont tell him I said this but its weird without him. Anyway Batman and Germlin, our two kittens came too they are so cute. Today I bought new shoes with ym xmas money, I got etnies, like my orange ones only they are red and I got orange and grey pumas. I also bought the new rollingstone and the A. Keys Cd, Vicki Im listening to heartburn -dances- I miss WADE. Lol. Kasey Im sorry about earlier on the phone I seriously couldnt understand you , you kept cutting out, damn cell phones. Later we are going to the far western...yummy good food. Well Im out


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[24 Dec 2003|02:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Merry Christmas!!!

First Christmas that is mates 2-mar is 2nd

Pia-Thank you so much! I <3 them.Oh and those cookies are adicting damn it
Joyce- I watched it already! Surprised? No me neither, omg it's so hott!!!! Thanks
Sakura- It's on my desk, makes me smile.And the body stuff smells good
Kasey-I'm wearing it tomorrow Promise
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[21 Dec 2003|08:52pm]
As soon as my server is up I have a new layout. My server has been an ass lately. So anyone know anywhere I can upload my layout without it resizing. Becuase photobucket and snapfish resize them.
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